Our Offerings

We coach professionals in leading themselves and leading relationships to achieve faster results and thrive.

Group Coaching

What can Modern Professional Coaching do to help your organization thrive?

Unlike traditional leadership development, we coach rising professionals to lead themselves and lead in relationships -- with immediate impact.

Our customized small group and peer network coaching solutions uniquely address today’s challenges and improve future performance at all levels. Our programs combine group or team coaching with individual coaching to reinforce the impact. Topics include:

Young professionals are looking for benefits that go deeper than the basics. They are choosing to work with organizations that are committed to their growth and professional development. Our scalable programs enable organizations to make coaching available to all and demonstrate the investment in your employees’ future success.

Professional success begins with strong self-leadership and leadership in relationships.

At the core, leaders need to understand themselves and manage their own performance. To thrive, all professionals additionally need teachers, peers, mentors, and sponsors. These essential relationships must be actively developed and nurtured throughout our careers.

We work with leaders to strengthen the core components of self-leadership and leadership in relationships, delivering immediate and tangible results. 

Many organizations have an underrepresentation of women in leadership roles and that gender inequality impacts business outcomes. Our Women’s Leadership group coaching program addresses the growth and retention of women, helping them to find their voice, design actionable development plans, and enhance their confidence and impact.

Leaders at all levels need to find new ways to work effectively amid constant change. Whether it is maintaining a high-performing team, building virtual relationships, or developing a collaborative culture, our blended coaching approach helps professionals to expand their perspectives and explore solutions to stay engaged and productive.

Individual Coaching

How can we help you to be your best?

Like organizations, professionals today are facing evolving challenges and pressures, often with little to no support on what to do or how to navigate.

Our one-to-one coaching uniquely addresses your personal goals and helps you create solutions for success. Coaching can help you develop skills to be successful today and prepared for tomorrow.

We personalize our coaching to your individual needs while understanding the broader, organizational agenda. No matter where you are in your career, having the opportunity to talk confidentially with a trusted coach, where you can be yourself, speak honestly, and be heard, is invaluable to your growth. We can help you:

  • Navigate workplace challenges
  • Build influence and deepen impact
  • Manage change, stress and disruption
  • Develop skills for current and future roles
  • Explore options and achieve goals


Need support, specialized expertise, or a thought-partner?

To supplement our coaching programs, we offer laser-focused advisory consulting, serving as a thought partner and behind-the-scenes advisor, offering insights and ‘lessons learned.’ Our expertise includes leadership development, women’s leadership initiatives, and organizational change. Focus areas include:

  • Group Coaching Program Launch - including application, selection & communications
  • Internal Coaching Programs - design, development & implementation
  • Leadership Development and Talent Management Programs
  • Executive Messaging and Strategic Communications
  • Change Management
  • Targeted Assessments and 360-Degree Feedback


Workshop topics include:

  • Confidence and Finding Your Voice
  • Four Key Relationships Successful Leaders Need
  • Seven Sources of Leadership Power
  • Professional and Executive Presence
  • Values-Based Decision Making
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Successful Mentoring

Ready for a transformation? Let's get started.