What if you could do more to develop and retain your talent and teams?

We work with organizations and their professionals to develop leaders at all levels, fast-track results, and build peer networks for more lasting change. Our customized, scalable group coaching programs help our clients to navigate their challenges, transform aspirations into action plans, and achieve their goals - getting from where they are now to where they want to be.

Our Approach

We use a blended coaching approach, combining group and individual coaching for all participants, to drive growth and performance. Our customized, multi-month programs incorporate facilitated discussions on leadership topics with breakout sessions and peer coaching. Leaders and professionals are connected through peer networks to drive and achieve sustainable change.

Your Results

According to research, professional coaching has an ROI of more than six times the cost. The benefits of coaching are many; 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment in coaching. Further, over 70% of participants benefited from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills, while more than 80% of people who received coaching reported increased self-confidence. (Source: ICF 2009.)


"As we scaled up our business, Modern Professional Coaching made a real difference with both our mid-level leaders and senior team. Through their coaching, our associates and directors expanded their strategic thinking and confidence. This enabled these managers to take on more responsibility and led to the upscaling of the senior team. Then, in their role as strategic consultants, Modern Professional partnered with us to restructure the senior leadership team role, aligning individual strengths with enterprise demands and growth."

"Michele and Laurie are a delight to work with. They take a very thoughtful, ethical, and practical approach to coaching. Their work supported growth opportunities for our team at both levels. Our mid-level managers derived great value from their group coaching, enabling them to contribute more. They helped our Leadership Team to clarify goals and take on broader responsibilities."

President, Global Healthcare Consulting Firm

"With the combination of group and one-to-one coaching, I expanded my strategic thinking and perspective. I learned more about myself as a leader, manager, and peer. And I was immediately able to apply what I discovered to be more effective at work." 

Director, Global Healthcare Consulting Firm



  • Build leaders at all levels and fast-track results
  • Develop and retain top talent
  • Create peer networks for lasting change
  • Manage leadership transitions effectively
  • Foster company culture and create great experiences


  • Enhance leadership and performance
  • Build influence and impact
  • Increase visibility and expand relationships
  • Deepen awareness and uncover blind spots
  • Explore options and achieve goals

What can we do for you, for your employees, for your organization? Let us design a program just for you.