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Michele Galen works with smart, driven leaders who want to perform at their best while enjoying life.

Her clients gain insights and strategies to open possibilities and achieve goals. Communication is key. Clients reframe internal stories to navigate roles, build influence, and strengthen their leadership voice. Michele’s coaching is informed by training, research, and her own career journey across law, communications and global business, rising from a staff position to the C-suite of two global corporations.

“I believe Individuals are inherently capable, with the capacity for growth and reinvention. I know this from my clients and from my own experience. Supporting clients to ‘go beyond’ is what motivated me to become a certified executive coach and drives my passion. As your coach, I will support you to gain the insights, mindset and strategies to be successful however you define this.”

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Laurie Goetz works with leaders at all levels, specializing in career-long strategies for growth.

With more than 30 years of experience, Laurie has helped a variety of professionals from first-time leaders to C-suite executives to achieve the next steps in their careers. Laurie uses her proven success in the financial services, banking, and marketing industries to tailor her coaching to each leader and align with their unique business needs. Her clients report increased confidence, a broader perspective, and more creative problem-solving skills.

“I am a listener and a collaborator. There is a lot to be gained by truly listening to someone when they talk. I believe in listening to my client’s story, learning more about where they are coming from, and collaborating with them to solve issues or find new ideas. My goal is to help you turn insight into creative ideas that lead you to successful results.”

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